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  • Europeiska life science nätverket EIT Health bjuder in svenska startups och tillväxtbolag till samarbete inom digital hälsa och AI

    Nu öppnar EIT Health upp för ansökningar till en helt ny svensk-fransk accelerator som finansieras av Vinnova, som syftar till att skapa konkurrenskraftiga samarbeten mellan svenska och franska aktörer och företag.

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  • Our network expands to the most innovative region within the EU

    Our network is expanding to Finland as Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) joins EIT Health Scandinavia. This means that the EU’s top three most innovative regions including Stockholm, Sweden and Hovedstaden, Denmark are all part of the network.

    Welcome HUS –  we look forward to network and intensify the international cooperation!

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  • Innovative startups using medical data receive funding through Digital Sandbox

    Six European startups in biotech, medtech and digital health receive in total €180 000 in funding to access samples and collaborate with European biobanks and quality registers. During a year the companies will participate in an innovation program, Digital Sandbox funded by EIT Health.

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  • Scandinavian startups receiving up to €700 000 in funding

    Scandinavian startups selected for the 2020 annual EIT Health Headstart programme receiving in total up to €700 000 in funding

    89 startups from across Europe of which 14 are based in Scandinavia are selected for support to accelerate the development of promising health solutions.


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  • Rapid Response Call

    EIT Health funds COVID-19 solutions with €7 Million

    In a rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic, EIT Health funds 15 new pan-European projects with potential to reach the market this year. Danish Technical University, Tartu University and Karolinska Institute are among the EIT Health Partners receiving project funding for improved diagnostic testing.

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  • Unlocking the potential of AI in healthcare

    How can we realise the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare all over Europe? An extensive new report from EIT Health and McKinsey & Company has exposed an urgent need to attract, educate and train a generation of data literate healthcare professionals whilst up-skilling the current health care workforce.

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  • Access to Europe

    EIT Health is the largest life science network in Europe. We are the gateway to Europe for Scandinavian life science organisations.


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  • EIT Health Community vs. COVID-19

    Matchmaking via COVID-19 Response Platform

    We are helping our community to find collaboration partners and solutions in the fight against COVID-19. If you are looking for help or you want to offer support, please let us know. We are conducting coordinated matchmaking via our new response platform.

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  • EIT Health Community vs. COVID-19

    A European community mobilising against COVID-19

    All over Europe, leading health organisations are mobilising against covid-19. The EIT Health Partners are launching initiatives ranging from vaccine candidates to ramped-up PPE production to behavioural research.

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  • Now online

    Biobanks & Health Data Information Hub

    Do you want to know how to use biobanks and health data for R&D and innovation? We support your ambitions!

    The Information Hub is designed to simplify to EIT Health Partners how to access and establishing collaborations with these goldmines of information.


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