• EIT Health establishes office in Denmark

    Stronger and more proactive innovation collaborations within the Danish Partnership, and more synergies with the Danish life science ecosystem. That’s why EIT Health establishes an office in Denmark, and now has offices in all thee Scandinavian countries.


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  • The Business Plan 2021 Call for Proposals

    EIT Health seeks proposals for projects and activities to be conducted in 2021. Find out everything you need to know here!

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  • EIT Health – the European life science collaboration

    140+ leading life science organisations committed to promoting healthy living and active ageing.
    A Scandinavian community featuring leading academic, industrial and public Partners in Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

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  • Now online

    Biobanks & Health Data Information Hub

    Do you want to know how to use biobanks and health data for R&D and innovation? We support your ambitions!

    The Information Hub is designed to simplify to EIT Health Partners how to access and establishing collaborations with these goldmines of information.

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  • Biobanks conference:

    A full day of fact finding, meeting and matching

    The conference “Biobanks & Registers. Your Springboard to Innovation” gathered almost 100 participants from all over Europe, who found out how to use health data as key assets in their EIT Health projects.


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  • Under construction!

    This site is a beta version, with ongoing development of the new Biobanks & Health Data Information Hub.

    We hope that you have patience with the ongoing construction work!

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