About EIT Health Scandinavia

EIT Health is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) under the umbrella of the EU body European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT). EIT Health is a community of more than 140 Partners within industry, healthcare, research institutions, universities and public sector organisations.

Backed by the European Union, EIT Health is Europe’s largest organised network for collaboration within life science and health, and one of the largest life science initiatives world-wide. As a unique organisation, the EIT Health community initiates calls, funds and conducts a broad range of innovation and education activities.

EIT Health is active across three fields: business creation, education, and multidisciplinary healthcare innovation initiatives. Chosen by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to form EIT Health, the consortium offers best-in-class research capabilities, education & training as well as business expertise.

EIT Health has Partners and programmes in 17 countries. The other Co-Location Centres are present in Barcelona, Paris, London, Rotterdam, Heidelberg-Mannheim and Budapest. The headquarter of EIT Health is located in Munich.

EIT Health Scandinavia is the northern Co-Location Centre of EIT Health, covering Sweden, Denmark and Estonia. The EIT Health Scandinavia community features some of the leading Scandinavian and Estonian universities and businesses, the largest regional councils and health care organisations. The main office is located in Stockholm, with additional offices in Copenhagen, Tartu, Uppsala and Lund.


Core Partners:

City of Stockholm, Copenhagen University, Denmark’s Technical University, Karolinska Institute, KTH Technical University, Region Skåne, RISE, Stockholm County Board, Thermo Fischer Scientific –Phadia AB, University of Tartu, Uppsala County Board, and Uppsala University.

Associate Partners:

City of Uppsala, Copenhagen Business School, MSD/Merck Sharp & Dome, Novo Nordisk, Region Stockholm, Region Uppsala, The Capital Region of Copenhagen.

Linked/Affiliated Parties:

Acreo Swedish ICT AB, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT AB, Janssen-Cilag AB, Karolinska University Hospital, SICS Swedish ICT AB, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB, Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB.



Our mission

EIT Health is committed to promoting healthy living, active ageing and improving healthcare by removing barriers to innovation, promoting talent, entrepreneurship and education, leveraging enabling technologies and exploiting big data, within the framework of triple helix collaborations.