Biobanks & Health Data Information Hub – your one-stop portal

Biobanks and health data registries are rich, but underused, sources of data, and the potential for leveraging these goldmines of data for health innovations is impressive. EIT Health Scandinavia wants to support the Partners’ ambitions to collaborate with biobanks and health data collections owned by other Partners for their projects.

As a key outcome of the “Registers and Biobanks in Transitioninitiative, the new information hub is designed as a one-stop portal, to simplify for the Partners to access biobanks and health data registers, and make it easier to establish collaborations and EIT Health projects that will help shape the future of healthcare and translational medicine. 

 In the Information Hub, you will find: 

  • Get Started! An overview over everything from sample characteristics to how to get expert advice. 
  • Overviews of biobanks and health data registers in Sweden, Denmark and Estonia 
  • Factsheets about biobanks owned by the EIT Health Partners 
  • Information about the different health data collections in the three countries 
  • Overview over access rules 
  • Proposals for beneficial collaborations with biobanks and health data registers 
  • Inspiring interviews on how others have benefited from biobanks and health data for their innovations