Stockholm Medical Biobank (SMB)

Stockholm Medical Biobank coordinates, facilitates and streamlines biobank work in the region and serves as a central resource for the collection, storage, facilitation and use of joint Biobank samples.

More than 6 million samples are handled annually.

Key facts

Name of the connected EIT Health partner:Region Stockholm
Number of individuals:Total ~500,000
Biobank confirmed willingness to provide samples/data for EIT Health studies:Yes
Contact person(s) and contact data
(e-mail address, tel. no) for access purposes:
biobankstockholm.lsf@sll.se   Tel: 08-517 725 52, Region Stockholm´s biobank coordinator and head of Stockholm’s medicinal biobank: Lena Brynne, lena.brynne@sll.se
Number of samples:Total >20 million
Sample type:Various types
Website:Stockholm Medical Biobank

General information

Type of biobank:SMB has the responsibility for biobank samples from the healthcare in the region of Stockholm. The region’s former biobanks are now converted into sample collections or biobank departments under the SMB.
If longitudinal the frequency:Not available.
Broad consent:An approval from the Ethics Review Authority in Sweden required.
Option to recall donors:Not available.
Option to recall family members:Not available.

Biobank access procedure:

Major terms for access:Samples can be made available to research groups and companies after consent and a decision from the Swedish ethical review authority and after application to biobank custodian.
Ethical and legal compliance:Rules for access to biobank samples can be found at www.biobanksverige.se  https://biobanksverige.se/english/research/getting-started/principles-of-access/      
Speed and reliability of delivery:Not available.
Pricing:Not available.

Quality management system:

Link to operational procedure:Quality management system used in healthcare within the relevant laboratory.
Storage:Not available.
Compliance with international standards:Not available.
Current ISO certificates:Not available.


Clinical data linked to samples:This varies in different sample collections.
Data standards:Not available.
Data security rules:Not available.

Biobank related service:

Research support, what type of expertise?:Services and guidance to academic research groups, industry and health care. Applications for sample collection agreements. Regulatory biobank service. Operational biobank service.
Core facility services; what type? Link?:https://biobankstockholm.se/sites/biobank.sll.se/
Queries from national health registers:Not available.
Links to the model contract and MTA:https://biobanksverige.se/english/research/useful-resources/application-form-selector/


IP rules, what is negotiable?:Must be handled per sample collection.
Requirements to study results (access etc.):Must be handled per sample collection.
Participant’s right to the information:Must be handled per sample collection.

The "Registers and Biobanks in Transition” strategic initiative is funded by EIT Health