Access a biobank in Estonia

Overview of access rules in Estonia

There is special legal act which regulates all aspects of the Estonian Biobanking activities. Most recent edition is: HGRA 20.02.2019. RT I,13.03.2019, 2. The second important document is the broad informed consent. Data and sample access is described in detail on the website:

The applicant will be asked to submit the results of the research project that were obtained using the data of the gene donors, to the Estonian Biobank by the time specified in the contract. These results will complement the Estonian Biobank database.

This guide summarizes the process researchers may follow to gain access to biological material and data from Estonian Genome Centre, University of Tartu (EGCUT).

1. Apply for sample/data release.
– E-mail application form available on EGCUT web site.

2. Apply for approval from Ethics Review Committee on Human Research of the University of Tartu.

3. Application assessed by Scientific Committee of EGCUT.

4. Terms of delivery agreed and contract signed.
– If the application is approved, the EGCUT will sign a contract with the applicant.
– The applicant reimburses the costs of material release (research or commercial purposes).
– A data release form will be signed.
– The applicant will be asked to submit the results of the research project to the EGCUT.

5. Samples retrieved & dispatched.
– According to terms in the contract.

Overview about Biobanks in Estonia

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