EIT Health Workshop on Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship

30 March 2023

Date: November 15 2019

Venue: TecLabs – Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Campus da FCUL, Campo Grande, 1749-016 Lisbon, Portugal https://goo.gl/maps/yWuhSWghjfEid4hz9

Who: Open to all academic and non-academic interested partners

Registration: Please register for the workshop here by November 10. 

Prof. Hugo Alexandre Ferreira, coordinator of the Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship Working Group, organizes in Lisbon, Portugal, an EIT Health Workshop to foster the development of EIT Master & Doctoral Degree Programmes as well as other educational offers within this theme. Registration is open to all academic and non-academic interested partners.  

Aims of the workshop: 

  • Discuss how current societal trends (e.g. ageing, digitization and connectedness, increase in medical literacy and environmental awareness, and raising healthcare costs) are driving the need for novel healthcare solutions, namely regarding digital healthcare and medical devices 
  • Discuss the lack of professionals with cross-disciplinary knowledge on both design and healthcare, capable of optimizing the design, development and translation of novel healthcare solutions, in collaboration with other professionals (e.g. engineers, healthcare professionals) and stakeholders. 
  • Kickstart the development of Master and PhD programmes and curricula in Design in Healthcare and academic and non-academic consortia to carry out such programmes. 

This workshop is part of the Health Campus Degree Programmes Line. Within this activity, four on-going working groups foster collaboration between partners and support the development of unique Masters and PhDs covering the objectives of EIT Health.  

For further information, please contact Marie Duboc, EIT Health Activity Line Coordinator, Degree Programmes, marie.duboc@eithealth.eu.