Exam day for EIT Health’s GoGlobal programme

Group Picture Go Global

The GoGlobal programme for MedTech and Digital Health companies concluded today after 5 programme sessions at H2 Health Hub. The programme was organised and run by Olof Berglund Program Manager & Business Coach from Stockholm Innovation & Growth (STING) and Tomas Larsson, Assistant Program Manager, from LiU Entrepreneurship And Development (LEAD) in Linköping.

Today was the final day of the GoGlobal programme and the 13 participating companies presented their final plan for internationalisation in front of a jury. They were selected from initially 35-40 applicants from all over Europe to participate in the program funded by EIT Health that ran from April till November this year.

The Go Global program is aimed at Medtech and Digital Health companies that are looking for the best location for their international expansion. To qualify, the companies should have launched or be about to launch their product on their home market and they should be ready to export within 12 months. Candidates should be CE approved or close to.

Exploring different markets

The group had five different sessions in areas such as; go-to-market strategy and value proposition, how to enter the European market, US market, Chinese and Japanese market as well as  finance for internationalisation. All sessions were hosted by EIT Health Partners with extensive experience in Medtech that also offered some coaching and have taken the delegates to London, Paris and Madrid. These sessions have helped the participant to focus on their current business offer and explore their opportunities in the US, China and Japan and have in some cases resulted in a change of strategy and which countries to enter.

The fact that the group has travelled and spent time together during 6 months have resulted in new collaborations and customers as well as plenty of knowledge sharing and interaction AND new friends! After todays exam two of the companies Spanish Kavisha Pharma and Swedish Predicare rushed off for a joint meeting in Gothenburg to meet with a potential client.

The grand final

But how did the pitching go? All 13 companies presented their strategic plan for internationalisation to an expert panel represented by Johanna Wollert Melin, Trice Imaging, Per Svedenhag Scibase and Sören Johansson,Venture Technology. The companies were asked tough questions and given feedback.

The 3 highest ranked companies were awarded with the possibility to use consultancy services for their internationalisation plans by experts involved  in the programme. They were evaluated on the basis of their commercialisation plan and not the quality of the product. According to the jury, the highest ranked company was professional and well thought through in all different aspects, from selecting application areas, markets, commercialisation and the potential in the product. “Strategy is nothing – execution is everything. Just execute on the plan and you will be extremely successful” was the jury’s advice!

Congratulations to the winners!

1 Otrud Medical Patrik Nillsson CEO & Founder

SmartTourniquet is a pressure-indicating single-use tourniquet for use in order to enable controlled vein dilation during intravenous access.

2 Flow Neuroscience Daniel Månsson

Flow, is a treatment for major depressive disorder. It is medical device, risk class 2a, that combines a brain stimulation headset with a fully automated behavioural training program in the form of an app. The app teaches the patient how to eat, sleep, exercise and meditate to reduce depression further.

3 NevisQ Christian Kind

Digitisation of nursing homes by an infrared sensor strip that is attached a few centimeters over the ground and detects persons and objects very discretely in a room. 

Olof Berglund

Olof Berglund is happy - you are all winners!

Go Global Mingle

Go Global particpants waiting for the results.

Olof Berglund Sting and Tomas Larsson LEAD

Scientific Med

Scientific Med pitching