Governments get behind EIT Health-backed Stockholm3 prostate cancer test

The Stockholm3 test will become standard in Stockholm County and is funded for accelerated roll-out in the Nordic Countries

The Stockholm3 blood test, which provides more accurate diagnostics for prostate cancer and is supported by EIT Health, announced new government backing in two separate developments at the end of 2018: Stockholm3 will become a standard part of care provided in Stockholm County, and the team behind Stockholm3 is getting a €2.3 million grant to accelerate the roll-out of Stockholm3 in the Nordic countries.

STHLM3RS, an EIT Health Innovation Project and Success Story, was started in 2016 to support development of the new Stockholm3 blood test, which combines protein markers, genetic markers, clinical data and a multivariate algorithm to create a better screening for prostate cancer. Compared to current clinical practice using PSA, Stockholm3 identifies twice as many aggressive prostate cancers and reduces the risk of unnecessary prostate biopsies by 50%.

Standard in Stockholm

Stockholm County Council, an EIT Health Associate Partner, has decided to include the Stockholm3 test in standard clinical care. Stockholm County is the biggest county in Sweden, responsible for providing health care to 2 million Swedes.

Accelerated roll-out in the Nordic countries

A grant of €2.3 million has been provided by Nordforsk, an organisation of the Nordic Council of Ministers tasked with making the Nordic Region a global leader in research and innovation. The aim of the grant is to accelerate the roll-out of Stockholm3 in Norway, Denmark and Finland. The project will start in the first half of 2019 and run for two years.

For more information, please contact Martin Steinberg Project Leader of STHLM3RS.