The Business Plan 2021 Call for Proposals

Amended 14 April: New timetables & Call open for pandemics-related applications

As of 1 October 2019, EIT Health opened its call for proposed activities to be included in our Business Plan 2021. In the light of the ongoing pandemic, the Call was amended on 14 April as regards Call timetables and selected topics.

To learn more and apply, download the updated Call Document here.

Deadlines: Expressions of Interest for regular proposals were submitted by 11 December 2019. Final proposals are due by 8 July 2020 at 4 pm CET (Munich time).

New timetables: The updated timetables for remote evaluations, hearings, etc can be found at the bottom of this page.





This year, some new rules and processes are introduced that will help strengthen the EIT Health portfolio and increasing its impact:

Addressing pandemics: Given the ongoing coronavirus spread and global pandemic of COVID-19, submissions are also welcome that address one or more topics related to the prevention and management of the current, as well as potential future, pandemics. Expressions of interest for these special proposals are due on 27 May 2020, 4 pm CET (Munich Time).

Innovation Projects are adding new instrument, the Start-up Amplifier, which allows a defined type of external project partners to drive or be at the core of Innovation projects under specific conditions. This new instrument is optional and can be used by Partners when appropriate. Another change for Innovation Projects is an improved and more comprehensive Stage 0 service, which supports applicants in preparation of Innovation Project proposals. Improvements include an enhanced role of the CLC Staff in the process.

Campus proposals will need to put even greater emphasis on certain key areas:

  • Identify Learners’ Skills and Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate Proposal’s Contribution to Citizen and Patient Engagement
  • Scalability and Knowledge Transfer: EIT Health Digital Learning Platform for Integration of Campus Digital Learning
  • Feeding the pipeline: Building a Learner Community

The Accelerator Ecosystem Call will give already existing regional or international programmes and initiatives offered by EIT Health Partners the opportunity to be both labelled and published as an Accelerator Ecosystem Programme. These Accelerator Ecosystem Programmes must fit into the overall Accelerator scope and provide an added value to the Accelerator start-up pathway.


Read full BP2021 Call

Webinars supporting applicants

Three webinars have been held to support applicants – on 15 January, and 11 and 16 March. Presentations from the webinars as well as recorded films can be downloaded from Connections

Updated timetables for BP2021 Call process


Proposals with 8 July 2020 deadline:

Proposals for the following calls must be complete and submitted via the Plaza system by an EIT Health KIC Partner before 8 July 2020,16:00 CEST (Munich time):

  • Innovation Projects (Innovation)
  • Training for Students (Campus)
    • Summer Schools
  • Training for Entrepreneurs and Innovators (Campus)
  • Training for Healthcare Professionals & Executives (Campus)
  • Training for Citizens and Patients (Campus)
  • INCUBATE! (Accelerator)
    • All (New and Continuing) Bootcamp Programmes
    • Ecosystem Call (Accelerator)

Proposals with 1 April 2020 deadline:

Proposals for the following calls had a deadline for submission on 1 April 2020,16:00 CEST (Munich time):

  • Training for Students (Campus)
    • Continuing Degree Programmes
    • Innovation Days
  • INCUBATE! (Accelerator)
    • Continuing Programmes
  • VALIDATE! (Accelerator)
  • SCALE! (Accelerator)