Join the EIT Health biobanks’ initiative!



This strategic EIT Health initiative aims to accelerate the use of big data, biobanks and registries in the development of new healthcare solutions. The initiative is especially focused on helping our EIT Health Partners access the information-rich biobanks and health data registries of Scandinavia and Estonia.


Why join as a biobank or register?

Our innovative network provides a unique forum for participants to raise their profiles and forge closer ties with industry leaders. With access to our convenient Information Hub (hyperlink) you can readily tap into the resources you need to establish productive new collaborations and increase the use of your samples and data, leading to possible new revenue sources. You will increase your exposure to European industrial and the public sector R&D, and you will gain better understanding of industry’s needs. Additionally you will have opportunities to participate in valuable projects aimed at solving key challenges in the field (e.g. Pan-European Electronic consent form).




The "Registers and Biobanks in Transition” strategic initiative is funded by EIT Health