Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year

30 March 2023

Community Scandinavia

Washing your hands is essential to stop the spread of covid-19. But billions of people around the world cannot follow the advice, simply because they lack clean water and soap. By ensuring that children and their families receive products that protect against the spread of infection, we can help more people stay healthy and protect themselves. A simple thermometer helps parents keep track of the temperature of their children, and quickly detect fever. Clean hands and clean water save lives.

The hygiene package contains:
– 2 bottles of hand sanitizer
– 10 soaps
– 2 thermometers
– 280 water purification tablets (which can purify up to 5,600 liters of water)
– 2 water bottles
– 1 bucket

This year we are donating money to fund hygiene packages for children through UNICEF

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday and a prosperous New Year 2021

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