The CaixaImpulse programme provides funding of up to €100.000, training and mentoring to support commercial development of research coming out of universities and hospital centres.

EIT Health CaixaImpulse is an intensive acceleration programme that helps to transfer assets resulting from research into beneficial new healthcare products by means of a spin-off or transfer agreement. The goal is to jump-start the translation of health research projects into market-ready products.

Is it for me?

EIT Health CaixaImpulse welcomes applications from all over Europe. The programme is aimed at research centres working on healthcare innovations that generate value for society. It is mainly meant to support work done at universities and hospitals centres, but also works with non-profit organisations focusing on research.

Projects that are accepted must be aimed at the development of protectable assets resulting from research.


The programme supports spin-offs and other teams in designing and implementing a valorisation plan with:

  • Financial support of up to €100,000.
  • Training through resource-intensive classes, workshops and other activities.
  • Mentoring from a dedicated mentor assigned to the project for eight months.
  • Expert advice from a group of about 200 experts, with different fields of knowledge.

The application process

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