Upcoming: Fellowships Network

7 February 2023

Our fellowships network bridges gaps between industry, academia and the public sector – giving learners a unique learning experience.

The EIT Health Fellowship Network is a series of programmes that sees teams identifying a need and proposing a solution before presenting a validated business case for it. These unique learning activities offer something for people at different stages of their career.

The programmes

This range of programmes is designed to cater for different learners.

  • Innovation Fellowships
    Intensive programmes –, including clinical immersion – for transdisciplinary teams of experts developing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial solutions.
  • StarShip
    Students and professionals develop business plans based on challenges provided by members of the healthcare industry.
  • PhD Transition Fellowships
    A competition that enables PhD students to evaluate the market need behind their research idea.

The Fellowship Network’s main goals are to:

  • Educate Europe’s top talents in leading the development of the next generation of health innovations.
  • Produce entrepreneurial ventures and intrapreneurial projects that have an impact on healthcare systems and patients’ lives.
  • Connect learners, academic and non-academic partners to build a stronger innovation ecosystem in Europe.

All the Fellowship Network programmes teach needs-led innovation methodology in a multidisciplinary team setting, with exposure to real healthcare environments and patient needs.