Upcoming: Silver Starters

4 February 2023

About: Silver Starters is an eight-week, adaptive, individual learning pathway teaching anyone over 50 the essentials of entrepreneurship.

Many 50+ people consider creating a start-up, yet many courses are conceived for young entrepreneurs. Silver Starters redresses the balance with a course that aims to unlock their experience.

The programme

Drawing on existing approaches such as the lean start-up method, the programme enables differentiation and problem-based learning (often identified as educational preferences for older people).

We provide hands-on information that allows seniors to take a practical approach and integrate their past experience.

Research supported by EIT Health has shown that many older people wish to continue working, and want to develop novel products and services. They may also be better equipped to do so: the rate of adoption of current innovations targeting seniors’ health can be negatively impacted by a mismatch between young developers and the views of older end users.