Meet Europe’s thought-leaders at the EIT Health Summit 2019!

30 March 2023

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EIT Health is Europe’s largest organised network for collaboration within life science and health, and one of the largest life science initiatives world-wide. The annual EIT Health Summit is fast becoming one of the largest events in the European Health Innovation calendar, presenting an exciting opportunity to interact with the latest thinking and developments in health care, from Europe’s leading health innovators.

Welcome to two days jampacked with inspiration, thought-provoking talks, knowledge and mindblowing facts, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, networking and meetings, on the topic of “Defining Unmet Need – How much does it matter?

What is the 2019 Summit all about?

True innovation doesn’t exist for its own sake… it exists to answer a challenge. Meeting the unmet needs is at the core of all health and life science innovation. The 2019 Summit will be the meeting-place for high-level exchanges on how to create innovation which meet both today’s and future unmet health needs.

We will bring together some of the world’s leading experts to share invaluable, first-hand insights, with sessions from top speakers on topics like health outcomes, investment, regulation, education and patient involvement.

As part of a carefully crafted two day programme, you’ll meet leading experts from organisations such as the European Medicines Agency, OECD, the European Patients’ Forum, MedtronicHarvard, MIT and Nasdaq, as well as Stanford, NHS, European Space Agency, Inria and Sanofi, the European Investment Fund and Copenhagen Business School. All sharing first-hand insights on why health needs must be the core focus of innovation.


Some of the highlights of the 2019 Summit:

The Power of Outcome Transparency

Achieving high value for patients is the overarching goal of delivering health care. But the emergence of value-based health care is hindered by a lack of transparent and standardised outcome data. During this plenary session, leading European and American experts from OECD, the Consortium of Value-Based Health Care, Harvard and EIT Health, will discuss and explore how outcome-based quality registries can be accelerated to enable medical teams to evaluate, compare and improve their results. How to make value visible?

Gregory Katz  Prof, University of Paris School of Medicine, Director-General of Value-Based Health Care Consortium
Jan-Philipp Beck CEO, EIT Health
Francesca Colombo Head of Health Division, OECD
Zirui Song  Prof. of Healthcare Policy, Harvard Medical School

Francesca Colombo, OECD
Gregory Katz, Director-General of the Value-Based Health Care Consortium


The evolution of the regulatory framework – help or hindrance?

New approaches and technology in medicine development have the potential to provide transformative treatment opportunities. From digital therapeutics to 3D printing, how can these innovations transform drug development and be integrated in the medicines regulation? How can challenges to the current regulatory framework be translated into opportunities?

Zaïde Frias Head of Human Medicines Evaluation Division, European Medicine Agency
Natalia Deych Senior Regulatory Affairs Director, Medtronic EMEA
Vincent Hennemand SVP, Akili Interactive
Marc Julien CEO, Diabeloop
Laurence D’Dwyer  Scientific Affairs Manager, Health Products Regulatory Authority, Ireland

Zaïde Frias, European Medicines Agency


Keynote speech by Elizabeth Teisberg

Co-creator of the term “value-based healthcare delivery”, Prof. Elizabeth Teisberg will outline how European healthcare should be transformed to achieve better outcomes. Prof. Teisberg is an expert in transformational innovation and implementation of high value healthcare and the co-author of “Redefining Health Care”. She is the Dell Medical School Chaired Professor of Value-based Health, and senior associate at Harvard’s Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness.

Prof. Elizabeth Teisberg


Needs, Disutility and Value for Patients

According to the WHO and the OECD, 20-40% of resources spent on health are wasted, despite essential needs for patients & populations. Senior experts from ICHOM, NHS, Amgen and the European Patients Forum discuss how can health systems tackle this challenge? Patients can play a key role in detecting gaps in services, superfluous care, risks and priorities, helping make healthcare both more effective and efficient. Although health innovations should be driven by a persistent focus on delivering outcomes that truly matter to patients, how should patients get involved in measuring value?

Christina Akerman  Former President, ICHOM – International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurements
Nicola Bedington  Former General Secretary, European Patients Forum
Sally Lewis  National Clinical Lead for Value-Based and Prudent Healthcare, NHS Wales
Darryl Sleep  Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Amgen

Christina Akerman

What’s wrong with health care education? Activating the most powerful lever for healthcare innovation.

Healthcare is going through a paradigm change, driven by demographic, economic, and technological changes in our society. Developing innovative health solutions and adopting them rapidly at scale will be critical for Europe, as it responds to these changes. But are our healthcare professionals being trained for the change?

Anurag Mairal Adj. Prof, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign
Lina Mosch Health Policy Director, European Medical Students’ Association
Martin Hirsch Exec. Director, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris

Anurag Mairal


Ever ageing society: can we stop it? Lessons from space

Can we stop an ever-ageing society? Did you know that medical and biomedical R&D is done above your head, on the International Space Station? This session will explore how can space technology can accelerate innovation for biomedical research and health companies, with a focus on ageing research? Let’s take a sneak peak at the future of “space for health” offers!

Audrey Berthier   Chief of Operations, Institute for Space Physiology and Medicine
Bertrand Fontaine  Director, Institute of Myology (AP-HP)
Jason Hatton   Head of the Biology & Environmental Monitoring Science Office, European Space Agency
Paul Kamoun  Chief Marketing Officer and Business Development, Space Pharma


Patient and citizen involvement from beginning to end

What is the patient perspective and what is the patient voice? How does patient perspective differ from a clinical or managerial one? What are the challenges and opportunities of incorporating a patient perspective into health technology innovation?

Usman Khan   Executive Director, European Patients’ Forum
Borislava Ananieva   President, European Patients Forum Youth Group
Angelo Arleo   Research Chair Silversight, Institute of Vision


How is Europe able to compete at the global level? Reasons to be optimistic about European Healthcare Investment.

Industry leaders in a plenary session with senior Nasdaq and European Investment Fund representatives:

Regina Hodits  Managing Partner, Wellington Partners
Uli Grabenwarter  Dep. Director, European Investment Fund, Equity Investments
Pierre Courteille  Chief Commercial Officer, VP Business Development
Adam Kostyál   Senior Vice President, Nasdaq, Head of European Listings
Gilles Nobécourt  Partner, Edmond de Rotschild Investment Partners


Workshop: Health Data Continuum

Nadir Ammour   Sanofi-Aventis R&D
Lori Fourquet   Principal at e-HealthSign consulting
Adrien Coulet   Assoc. Prof, Inria Nancy Grand Est
Dipak Kalra   President, European Institute for Health Records, European Institute for Innovation through Health Data


… and key-note speeches, thought-provoking flash talks, lively break out sessions, workshops, awards ceremonies, and a grand European launch with…

Valérie Pécresse    President of Paris Region, former Minister of Science
Richard Roberts    Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology
Manuel Heitor   Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal
Scott Wallace    Co-founder and Managing Director, Value Institute for Health and Care, Dell Medical School
Lars Frölund    Research Director, MIT Innovation Initiative, Board Member of Danish Innovation Fund
Alexander von Gabain   Chairman, EIT Health Supervisory Board
Sameena Conning   Director of External Relations, EIT Health
John Collins   Chief Operating Officer, CIMIT
Finn Boerlum Kristensen    Chairman, EIT Health Think Tank, Former EUnetHTA Head, Chairman of the Executive Committee
Florian Rüter   Head of Quality Management, University Hospital Basel
Pedro Oliveira   Prof, Copenhagen Business School, Founder of Patient Innovation
Helena Canhao   Founder of Patient Innovation, Nova Medical School
Adelaide Cracco   European Investment Fund, Head of Life Science – Equity Investment
Tomasz Kozlowski   European Investment Fund, Head of Innovation & Alternative Financing Division
Daniel Mogefors   Fellowship Network Activity Leader,
Travis Hunter   Assoc. Director, MIT Sloan Global Programs, MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

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Find out all about the Summit:


What will you get at the 2019 Summit?

You’ll meet industry figures and investors, be matched up with like-minds, and find out about the range of EIT Health funding programmes available.

You’ll discover the latest market trends and needs, network and attend flash talks. You can try out the methodology MIT uses for ecosystem development, or join a hackathon.

You’ll be introduced to start-ups and European partners, before finding out more about market trends at the launch of the Venture Centre of Excellence.

You will find some of the most promising talent in one place as top-notch European health start-ups pitch during the European Health Catapult finals, or join one-to-one matchmaking sessions with businesses seeking funding. You can meet 80 of our most successful new businesses in the start-up village, and learn about future market trends in dedicated sessions.

You can highlight your work and expertise, find new funding opportunities, or brainstorm on the creation of new, original education programmes. You’ll also meet academics and healthcare professionals from all over Europe.

If you’re a patient, you can make your voice heard and attend any of the several sessions dedicated to patient engagement – including a conference led by the director of the European Patients’ Forum. Watch the Patient Innovation Awards ceremony, and visit our patient and citizen village to discover the multiple EIT Health projects that bring patients into the heart of their process.

And if all of this wasn’t enough of a reason to attend, you can also learn about the science of ageing through the research findings of the European Space Agency.